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Your Own Custom Blog.

I create personalized solutions and data retrieval systems. As well create web blog sites using the WordPress platform.
Creating a blog/website is great using a / domain name or if you have an existing site we make it using wordpress I can help you with that and get you setup in minutes and have you start blogging promoting your self and building your personal brand or your companies product/service .
Reasons for a blog would be

  • Awesome for SEO – Search Engine Optimization as Google loves the blog format
  • Easier to maintain & update
  • Writing blog posts to provide update to and real time information

So how to get started & whats included.

If you  don’t already have a domain name we register one at either godaddy or other places.

Setup of hosting & installation of the blog platform (These are the core files & frame work behind the scenes that make it all work)

Creation of the blog theme & design that brings out the your own vision you want to use this blog for

The installation, setup & integration of choice of popular plugins & and widgets.
That allow really allow you to fully use & enhance all the great things a blog can do

Consultation call with you to determine what content you would want included & design vision you have.
on your new site and how you would that integrated & any questions answered

All it takes is for you to say, YES! I want to be able to have an integrated system for all of those social networks
and be able to host my content, life, blogs, ideas and thoughts in one place.

Blog Support/Troubleshooting

Now you may already have a blog that has been up running for while with your plug-ins & widgets and CSS styles and nicely designed themes But then all of sudden you want to upgrade to the latest version of your blogging platform and start experiencing problems and or scripts errors Or suddenly get errors from that plugin or widget you just downloaded & your blog is down or you can’t access your blog admin or maybe you want just a simple CSS change blog script change in your header or add a new functionality that wasn’t included in your theme.

Let us come to the rescue in my recent experience with past clients i have found that usually it only takes me an hour or even less to diagnose & fix any blog problem you may run into it. Either it be a

  • You can’t access your manage plugins tab or activate/deactivate
  • A scripting erorr caused from a plugin you just installed – usually unstalling/reinstalling or getting a new version helps
  • Bad or incompatiable widgets /plugins for the version of WP you have installed.
  • Or just plain bugs in with the Version of WordPress your using i knew that 2.8 had a few and some plugins stopped working.

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