Drive Traffic

Choose a memorable & key worded domain name.
If you’re launching a new site, choose a name people will remember easily.
Years ago, I visited a site called “”. Its logo is a man with
a fork in his head. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? But it is memorable and also put a
popular keyword in the domain so it will come up in Google easier.

Article & Forum Marketing
You write review articles over at a site called you can review the product yourself form an opinion and comment tell the world your view of this product/service and put a link back to the site you’re promoting.

Social Bookmarking Sites/ Creating Back links to your site for SEO purposes
You take the article you just wrote and place it on sites like digg, stumble upon, techoratti and others  Also go out comment on other peoples blogs or forum posts they always let you put in your website address. Write something of value and substance and your opinion also ask for that site to link to back to you

Put up a Blog post
Either create a personal blog or site dedicated to your product service write a blog post about the features benefits and why they need what they are going to get out of it how they get it and what if I get your product.

The Google Keyword Research tool
This would a be page similar to your blog post/or article that would link to the sales page after the person reads this first page and interested to know more. You would also use the Google keywords tool to research for the most popular keywords to include on this page and put in the Meta information for the webpage. Such as keywords, description of the page & Title of page is very important

Using RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication
Another free marketing tool that is making the rounds of Internet Marketing is RSS, or “Really Simple Syndication,” and, if used right, can send your sales over the moon. This process begins when a webmaster wants to share his site’s content with other web sites. The selected content is added to an RSS document and then registered with

Use Facebook Notes, Fan Pages
Also I used facebook notes to write a review about the benefits and features and opinion about it that also will drive traffic to your sales page.

Incorporate a Blog RSS Feed. If you have a website that has a RSS feed, make sure you are pulling it into your account. You can do this by editing your profile and adding the RSS.
And also you can create Fan Page of your Service/Product or a Community to with other people in the same niche.

Email at if intrested & cost quote.

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