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Picture of Jon GauthierHi I am Jon Gauthier and thanks for finding me & welcome to my Consulting Site where I look forward to hearing your about your issues and together I can provide solutions to your questions and issues you face. Above you will see I have i offer some key solutions to that most people/business are faced with today. Blog Creation, Supporting Existing Blog Installations & We also develop & intergrate some Social Media Strategies and how that can help you build your online presence & brand that under the Social Web Tools tab.

The training solutions are designed for learning the wordpress blogging platform, using YouTube uploading/promoting videos,
Using twitter effectively for building relationships & driving traffic leveraging your Facebook account & pages through online videos or webinars & phone consulting. Or if in person hands on Coaching sessions is more your thing we offer that as well

We can also offer organic search engine optimization & dominate google after we perform our research on your company, product and find the perfect choice keywords that keep you in the top 1-5 spots each search engines listings.

So I look forward to helping & providing you with a solution to any or all your issues. I am passionate about helping others and helping them build there business bigger and stronger each & every day.

To learn more about me check out the about tab or vist my personal blog at blog.jonmgauthier.com

Or check out my Twitter Page, YouTube or Facebook Profiles.

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