Creating Me Inc.

Creating Me Inc.

Personal Branding is about being unique and passionate and owning what you do

Things needed to brand you or service

Customdomain or or .ca
Capture your internet real estate such
as youtube channel
Facebook profile name
FB fan page
Ustream account
Twitter account
Linked account
Posterous /Tumblr accounts
And blog to tie it all together
All these accounts are called capturing your part of the net/realestate

But none of this matters if you dont create great quality content these are just tools to help you own your piece of google and get known around have your name everywhere

Once you start using these networks & seeing you everywhere providing great ideas, content ,value & knowledge people want then thats when it takes off & notice you & say hey that guy is great i see him all around offering great ideas content but you have to have that foundation in place first

So that is the key to starting ME Inc.
Just go out there and start having voice on topic or passion and own it and be the go to person and expert for topic and just work it.

What we do is provide you with knowledge & guidence to help you become a house name & provide the tools and training to get you there

So i look forward to helping you on your journey to success

All the best

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